FIXT LTD: Name, Logo, Positioning & associated design work.

FIXT Limited

Name, Logo, Positioning & associated design work
Name, brand, positioning and design project for new construction firm FIXT Ltd, a general building firm that specialise in water restoration & structural drying.
The positioning statement was altered on the directional street signage to allow signs to indicate differing states of project completion. This was also indicated by red and green colouring. The direction of the signs arrow always points to the building the firm is working on.

Work completed:

  • Name & Positioning
  • Branding
  • Stationery
  • Signage
  • Livery

FIXT LTD engaged the services of Tin Squirrel to brand the company. Steph’s creativity and attention to detail has resulted in the eye catching branding of the company and its vehicles. Steph engaged myself in all decisions and ideas and was very very prompt in delivering great ideas. The quality of work was exceptional and FIXT LTD highly recommends Steph’s services.

Divon Crouse, Founder & Owner of FIXT Ltd

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